Our Comstock Mural is located on C-Street in the Bucket of Blood parking lot, just below Piper's Opera House.  It is painted by a local volunteer group of artists, conceived and spearheaded by Corrie Zam-Northan (see the link to her website on my "links" page). 

Everything in sepia tones are from the past that are no longer with us, while color represents things that are still with us today.  It is a beautiful concept and visual trip down memory lane. 

This has been a labor of love and devotion for approximately two years, with a goal to finish this particular wall in 2016.  While it is collaborative and all credits cannot clearly be defined for each brush stroke, we each have particular areas of focus and responsibility. Credits are given below each image.

More photos to come as the weather warms up and the team gets back to work...

St. Mary's Art Center (formerly St. Mary Louise Hospital) (A. Perry), Daughter of Charity (A. Perry), Lady Justice (Donna McNeely), Tree (A. Perry), Chinese Worker (Stephane Cellier and Molley Malone), Poppy Baskets and background (Molley Malone), Poppies (A. Perry)

 St. Mary's Art Center Detail (A. Perry)

St. Mary's Art Center Detail (A. Perry)

Tree Detail...it was a labor of love (A. Perry)

Chinese Man (Stephane Cellier and Molley Malone), baskets (Molley) and poppies (A. Perry).

 Fire Station (A. Perry)

Fire Station (A. Perry)

Pipers Opera House (A. Perry), Dancers (Donna McNeely)

Detail of Piper's Opera House (A. Perry)

 Stained Glass (Corrie Zam-Northan) and St. Mary's Church (Shannon Parson)

Stained Glass (Corrie Zam-Northan) and St. Mary's Church (Shannon Parson)

The first image completed on the mural, the State Seal (Corrie Zam-Northan)

Train and landscape (Donna McNeely)

Square Set (Molley Malone)

Fourth Ward School (Alexia Sober) and Students (Alexia Sober and Stephane Cellier)

Faye Templeton (Corrie Zam-Northan)

Miners (Stephane Cellier)

All images are the property of the artists and may not be replicated or used without written permission.