Each year, the Latimer Club, hosts a Miniature Competition.  2015's theme was "The Silver State:  The Beauty Within".  It was a lovely collection of many artists and thoughtfully organized by Eileen Fisher and her fellow Latimer Club members. 

This was my first year entering the competition and a true lesson learned.  Smaller is actually harder, especially with my preferred mixture of verbiage and paint.  My concept was to honor the beauty within historically important women of Storey County. 

  • "Beautiful Spirit" Lacy J. Dalton, country song-writer, musician and passionate wild horse advocate
  • "Beautiful Courage" Sarah Winnemucca and her eloquent and brave work, fighting for her people and equality
  • "Beautiful Souls" the Daughters of Charity for their remarkable work at St. Mary Louise Hospital (later to become St. Mary's Art Center) and an orphanage, always helping those less fortunate

2015 Latimer Club Miniature Show Submission

"Beautiful Courage"

2nd Place Winner, Mixed Media Category

Tribute to Sarah Winnemucca

mixed media on canvas, 4x6

"Beautiful Spirit"

Tribute to Lacy J. Dalton

mixed media on canvas, 4x6


"Beautiful Souls"

Tribute to the Daughters of Charity

mixed media on canvas, 4x6

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