"Reflections", Doors to Recovery 2016

"Reflections", Doors to Recovery 2016

Photograph by Mark Hammon, Hammon Photography

"Reflections" lamp base, constructed of the re-purposed door

"Reflections" vintage globe with added amethyst, turquoise, aquamarine, rose & clear quartz, garnet, lapis lazuli, pearl, mother of pearl, abalone, iolite and silk.


“Reflections” transforms the internal mental dialogue and flame of spirit, into something tangible and full of light.  Silk, stones and healing crystals on a vintage glass globe, a melding of the four elements, create an organic veil, protecting the light symbolic of the soul.  An acrylic collage on the lamp frame and base, silently speak of sobriety.

The door, made of wood, is an undeniable connection to the earth, transformed into another purpose, another beauty. In its new form, the door provides strength and support, serving as the base upholding the light, suspended like a fragile jewel from a single anchoring point.

§  Amethyst, a powerful crystal known as a “sobriety stone”, supports inner strength, growth and self-reflection while protecting from negative thoughts and energies

§  Lapis Lazuli amplifies wisdom, truth and release

§  Iolite aids in detoxification and combating addiction

§  Rose quartz, well known for soothing and promoting unconditional love of self and others, bolsters self-esteem and supports stronger relationships

§  Turquoise and Garnet release and cleanse

§  Aquamarine, Mother of Pearl and Abalone fuel and amplify courage, fortitude, peace, love and hope

Art, form, function and energy come together in “Reflections” to honor and support the individual on their sober path.  Through light, the body and spirit are illuminated.  Through crystals, and wood from the door, the energy, love and effort of the individual and those who support them are heightened, supported and strengthened. 

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"Her Breakthrough", Doors to Recovery 2015

"Her Breakthrough", Doors to Recovery 2015

photograph by Mark Hammon, Hammon Photography


This door was auctioned at the Nevada Museum of Art on September 11, 2015 by Doors to Recovery as part of a charity event to raise funds and awareness for recovery from addiction.  It now resides at Northern Nevada Hopes as part of their permanent art collection, which is the perfect location, organization and mission for the piece.


A female is seen moving through her plane of existence with the hope of leaving addiction and suffering behind, as she moves forward with purpose into a future ripe with potential.  The barrier of the door itself represents challenges of youth and females dealing with societal expectations, biases, emotions and confidence which often propagate depression, addiction and self-harm.  A collage of hundreds of words, phrases and quotations push for awareness and empathy of her existence.

Dying and struggling vines and thorns on the addiction side of the door bind and bite into the flesh, causing pain and holding back life.  Lightning strikes, ominous yet provocative skies and withering vegetation are visceral images of her temptations, struggle, pain and mortal danger.  A bird is seen flying away in the distance after delivering a seed of hope, offering her joy, forgiveness and healing.

The soft velvet blue recovery side of the door focuses on hope, forward momentum, strength, support, acceptance and love of self.  Imagery of nature and springtime, the ultimate season for growth and new beginnings, along with positive verbiage and quotes of support, honor the hard work of recovery.  The leg moving through the door wears vines and thorns from the other side, almost as a tattoo on the soul, slowly growing healthy leaves and blossoms.  A glimpse of temptation and addiction peek through from the other side and attempt to lure her back.  A magnolia tree in bloom, a symbol of longevity and love held dear within the heart, fireweed, one of the first plants to grow and thrive after a fire and grass, symbolic of food and hardiness represent her mind, heart and soul.  Her forward foot is firmly grounded into her future.



fireweed and grass


fallen tulip magnolia bloom


vintage door hardware

addiction vines biting into flesh

the seed of hope