Welcome to my mind.  

My work is inspired by personal experiences, of those around me, and the world at large. Some pieces address difficult subjects that deserve more visibility of the pain and inherent strength of survival.  I admire and pay tribute to the beauty, pride and determination of those who dare to change the world and themselves for the better.  

Double meaning, sarcasm, humor and simple, blunt verbiage layered with color and texture are a few of my methods of communicating experiences and life.  I am compelled to illustrate emotion, potential and choice using paint, fabric, words, symbols, other media as well as the beauty of the human form.  What a person may (literally or figuratively) read into my work may or may not be the intent, which is exactly the point and joy I find in each creation.


- A

My work and portfolio updates amongst other postings may be followed on Facebook under A. Perry, Pura Vida Sierras Art LLC (or click the FB icon in the bottom left of the page).

Select pieces are also on display at Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona online gallery (link below) and Saatchi Art (Saatchi Art link below).

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